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10,000 years ago, the Selk’Nam tribe inhabited the mysterious fjords at the southern end of the world, a stone’s throw away from Antarctica. A nomadic and hunter tribe, they were the original adventurers of South America, making home wherever their adventures took them. Their spirit and energy are the inspiration for the Selk’bag, a wearable, form-fit sleeping bag for outdoors or at rest - wherever adventure takes you next. The Selk'bag comes in a "stuff sack" used to compress the bag for easy carrying and stowing.

The Selk’bag Original 6G is designed for camping and outdoor activities year-round.- $169.99

A lighter weight version, the Lite 6G is offers maximum mobility, comfort, and warmth. Perfect for indoor loungers, outdoors enthusiasts, and extra-coziness on long flights. $99.99

Dinner at a distance on the beach has been our favorite way to spend time with friends during Covid-19. As the temperature falls, you can still socialize outdoors, just zip into your Selk’Bag.

Backpacking, Game Nights, Ice Fishing or a Beach Night.

Stay warm in a Selk’bag. Available on rei.com and amazon.com


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