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National Rates // Print *

Net Rates


                                      1x                       2x                       3x                       4x           

Cover 4                  $60,000           $58,000           $56,000           $54,000

Cover 3                  $50,000           $48,000           $46,000           $44,000

Cover 2                  $50,000           $48,000           $46,000           $44,000

Spread                   $60,000           $56,000           $52,000           $48,000

Full Page                $30,000           $28,000           $26,000           $24,000

Placement is in all 16 Magazines in Print & Online

Retail Rates // Print *

Net Rates

                                         1x                     2x                     3x                     4x           

Cover 4                          $20,000           $19,000           $18,000           $17,000

Cover 3                           $15,000           $14,000           $13,000           $12,000

Cover 2                           $15,000           $14,000           $13,000           $12,000

Spread                            $20,000           $19,000           $18,000           $17,000

Full Page                         $10,000              $9,500             $9,000             $8,500

Alpine NJ Magazine, Central Park West Magazine, Greenwich Country Capitalist, Hamptons Country Capitalist, International Edition, Litchfield Country Capitalist, Long Island Country Capitalist, Miami The Beach Magazine, New Canaan Country Capitalist, Rye Magazine, Soho NYC Magazine, The Upper East Side Magazine, Tribeca Magazine, Westchester Country Capitalist, Weston Magazine, Westport Country Capitalist

*4 Color, Frequency Seasonal Per Magazine

Retail Rates // Print School Guide*

Net Rates

                                              1x                     2x                     3x                     4x           

College/Uni/                      $30,000           $28,000           $26,000           $24,000


*4 Color, Frequency Seasonal

Rates // Social Media * Per Month

Net Rates

                                            1x                     2x                     3x                     4x           

Package                      $10,000           $9,000           $8,000           $7,000

Rates // Banner Ads * Per Month

Net Rates

                                              1x                     2x                     3x                     4x           

Banner Ad                    $10,000           $9,000           $8,000           $7,000


Print Advertising Specs

Full Page Only, Units in Inches

Trim                           8.375" x 10.625"

Bleed                         8.625" x 10.875"

Trim                         7.250" x 9.500"


CMYK Color, high-res, 300 dpi or greater

Accepted file formats .pdf

Digital Advertising Specs

Units in pixels

Banner Ad Size                           600x100

Accepted file format for static banner ad is: .jpg

Accepted file format for animated banners is .gif

When the banner is emailed for placement, provide full click through url path to link banner to your desired web page.


Demographics based on average household income

New Canaan Country Capitalist Magazine                                 $292,000+

Westport Country Capitalist Magazine                                       $292,000+

Greenwich Country Capitalist Magazine                                     $296,000+

Rye Magazine                                                                                  $300,000+

Westchester Country Capitalist Magazine                                 $300,000+

Long Island Country Capitalist Magazine                                   $300,000+

Weston Magazine                                                                          $316,000+

Litchfield County Country Capitalist Magazine                         $500,000+

Miami, The Beach Magazine                                                        $500,000+

Hamptons Country Capitalist Magazine                                    $900,000+

TriBeCa Magazine (NYC)                                                               $911,000+

The Upper East Side Magazine (NYC)                                     $1,000,000+

Central Park West (NYC)                                                           $1,000,000+

Soho NYC Magazine (NYC)                                                       $1,000,000+

Alpine NJ Magazine                                                                   $1,000,000+

The Luxury Constellation/International                                 $1,000,000+

Total Print and Online Readership NYC Metro, Florida & World Market                      400,000+

Total Impressions Generated Per Month via Social Media Platforms                           5,000,000+

Our 4 NYC publications are hand delivered to the mail rooms of over 3000 apartment buildings all over Manhattan as well as to newsstands, boxes/kiosks on 5th, Madison and Park Avenues of the Upper East Side of Manhattan through the Grand Central Partnership (also across from terminal), the art galleries in Chelsea and to businesses throughout the city. Our 5 Connecticut publications are delivered to businesses, boxes/kiosks on the street in Greenwich, newsstands, insertion into select Sunday NY Times, Friday Wall Street Journals, NY Daily News and NY Posts. Our Westchester publications are hand delivered to businesses and inserted into select Sunday NY Times. Each of our publications are also read throughout the world online through issuu.comflippingbook.com and sold online through Magzter.com and hundreds of online magazine newsstands. We also deliver to events, antique stores in the NYC metro market, 500 hotels at the concierge desk in Manhattan and environs, beauty salons, nail salons, doctors offices, lawyers offices, etc... We are also available to be read online in libraries across the world through the Magzter online Library program. Our publications are also distributed in Southern Rhode Island, The Hamptons and Long Island. Our Miami, The Beach publication is distributed in all of the condo buildings on Miami Beach from South Beach to Surfside, Bal Harbour, Sunny Isles and Golden Beach. It is also distributed in Wynnwood, Miami Design District, Coral Gables, Coconut Grove, Key Biscayne and Brickell.

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16 Luxury Boutique Publications in the NYC Metro Market, Miami Beach, Florida and the World